Monday, September 24, 2012

The Forecaster: Assaf Naftali

2B Continued locates the most interesting fundamental modern music, which has a saying and can be heard more than once. FORECASTER spotted the hottest name in the cloud.

Assaf Naftali, Musical intelligent characterized by the ability to match materials perfectly and building unusual sets, While working in slow bpm he is a "Slow Cooker" Dj! 

This year he visited several times in Berlin and had to Djing in Mansion monthly line, Schiling Bar, Bar Tausend is considered one of the best in Berlin these days and Steinbruch clothing store. Also lately he had played on Deep Addiction Radio which broadcasting in Japan and Chicago.

Today you can catch Assaf playing on a regular mode in the "Chechka" Mini-Club in Tel-Aviv, and he is also hosted in different places in the town. Assaf have a perfect selection ears, devotion, altitude & music which characterized him as a true artist, which stands out from all other Djs. Listen to his latest Dj set mad with Vinyl only

By reading our 2010 interview with Assaf I can say wholeheartedly, the guy fulfills the dream! 
  ASSAF NAFTALI - DJ SET 112 - 08.2012 (Vinyls Only!) by Assaf Naftali

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