Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yesterday Pioneers A Musical document

Music played on radio stations in Israel during the late 80s to mid 90s.

I sat at home and recorded the material from the radio, we had a separate units (Receiver, Equalizer, Digital Tape - rare to find at home in the 80s, Record player) high-quality equipment which my parents bought. I knew every frequency on the radio scale, even more I knew the exact location of the antenna to receive the station I was looking for. We had a roof made from roofing tile so i was climb on it on a regular mode after I managed to record a track I was looking for, and moved the antenna a few centimeters to a few meters to catch the other station that's at the same time also playing electronic music.... Lucky my Luxman R-5045 receiver was strong and the location of the antenna was high enough to receive it, I was located at the end capacity of the power transmission.

These materials danced thousands of people, were the hottest thing in the industry, radio, television, clubs. This music was played at each and every station that's considers itself as a leader and innovative in Israel.

Some of the stations were:
Authorities stations by the government work by law  - 97.8fm Reshet Gimel, 96.6fm Galei Zahal (IDF)

Pirate stations - 100fm Radius, 102fm Radio Tel Aviv, 103fm Radio Lelo Hafsaka, 101fm Radio Jerusalem, 105.4fm Radio Rishonit.

After authorities failed to enforce the law, in 1994 the government decide to release an auction to the public, first auction of the Second Authority for Television and Radio to run regional radio stations. As for 2012 all the mention above pirate stations received a license and broadcasting according the law. except 105.4 Radio Rishonit station that was stopped broadcasting in the night before the auction, The station closed during loss to Gindi group who finally won the auction and that what we all know today as Radio Lev Hamedina 91fm.

It is important to note that there were tens of pirate radio stations across the country, I don't mention them all, I knew a lot - all I managed to catch in my receiver.

In the early 90s a lot of piracy stations popped up and was broadcast in very limited radius, the average was about 70 kilometer. The materials on these stations was special hard to find music, very underground! Lot of music without voice over or talking, special show of 12" singles full length listening,  Dj sets, live broadcasting from clubs such Allenbi 58, Gush 24 and more. The Attitude and the way it was conducted was new and initial, pioneering with plenty of power. I can say with certainty that the authorities knew and know the places and figures, some was pursuit roughly while others was received "industrial silence". Benefits, preferences, connections, connivance, receipts, lack of knowledge, money, business, lack of resources, luck ... Choose one word you want, any of this fit like a glove to the circumstances, The power or lack of power of social behavior, social perception. 

So you get a rare musical document!
Niv Margalit.

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