Thursday, October 4, 2012

UPZ and Black Motion Sweeping Africa nation

Afrika Wo-man is the next single from the acclaimed “Pioneers of House: UPZ” CD. The single see's UPZ (aka Avi Elman) from Tel-Aviv, Israel collaborating with South African producers Black Motion, featuring the vocal talents of Theo Lawson from Ghana with backing vocals by Delight from Nigeria.

The first half of the video was shot with UPZ, Theo and Delight in Tel-Aviv. The video captures the street life of South Tel-Aviv with its multi-cultural immigrant population... here you will find races and cultures from the Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan and Turkey interspersed among the native israeli population, which is in itself in many ways non-homogenous & multicultural.

Both Theo and Delight emigrated from their respective countries several years back and have adapted Israel as their new homeland. Saturdays is when many of the immigrants attend Church due to Sunday being a normal working day in Israel, and it is mostly during one Saturday mid-summer that we shot the footage for 'Afrika Wo-man' whose lyrics are not about African ladies or females as such, but actually calls for the empowerment of the African people, where the word 'Wo-man' means 'Nation” in Ga, one of many Ghanian dialects.

UPZ than travels to South Africa and meets up with the Black Motion duo who reside in the township of Soshanguve just north of Pretoria. It is here the second part of the video is mostly shot and to continue the overall vibe set in Tel-Aviv, the main aim is to capture daily life in the township... driving in a taxi, returning from school or work in the cities, basic grocery shopping or hanging at the local Shisanyama. The video peaks with a spontaneous street party of UPZ & Black Motion in Soshanguve, interspersed with Black Motion in action from one of their dynamic live show performances.

In these coming days the Afrika Wo-man video will be broadcasting on all SA TV music video channels such Channel O, Trace Africa, MTV Africa, CLub 808 and more.

Directed by Yaron Amitai
Video produced by Avi Elman for soWHAT records
Shot in Tel-Aviv, Israel & Soshanguve, South Africa
Single taken of “Pioneers of House: UPZ” out now on Soul Candi records. 
The single is available on Traxsource

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