Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Promotion Clip

Club life and culture are merging together, they depend on each other.  Video Clip often invites us more easily, we can identify with it and escape for few minutes to another world of imagination & fantasy. 

We have very strong minds in the Israeli local nightlife scene that apply all accessible tools, webs device, people and staff for the benefits of the act, they aware to this trends which became a common and routine behavior for nowadays promoters.

I gather some impressive works by the leading clubs, promoters, groups and figures who deeply involved in the nightlife scene, Including video clips by Dana ve Anat , Bootleg Club, The Cat and The Dog club, Hargol & Simi N Yuli, Shirazi FFF, Our Darkness.


  1. it's much more effective than printing tons of stupid flyers. safe the woods...

    don't sleep on this one:

    a spectacular production