Monday, December 31, 2012

The Forecaster: Glenn Holmes

2B Continued locates the most interesting fundamental modern music, which has a saying and can be heard more than once. FORECASTER spotted the hottest name in the cloud.

Ilan Halmush AKA Glenn Holmes is 29 years old dj & music lover from Israel. His main styles of electronic music in the last 5 years are deep house sounds with some variations to house music in general, whether it's Chicago or even Soulful, you can also find some nu disco, and disco touches in his mixes.  

Every once in a while Glenn Holmes record a set in the series he named "Facing it".

1. Describe what you do in 1 word. High score for creativity.

2. Tell us 2 things that we might not know about you?
1st fact: I'm a freak of numbers. You could call me the quick human calculator.
Maybe that's the reason i did my B.A degree in statistics.

2nd fact: Music is a big part of my life, but it wasn't the situation all the time. until the age of 15 it had nothing to do with me. I got introduced to mtv only at the age of 15, and this fever started catching every part of me. Soon I'm turning 30, completing half life with music. I think i know which half was better for me ;)

3. What are the 3 most important things in your life at the moment?
My fiance - Hagar who I love. I believe she has a big part also in the way my taste in music shaped in the last 2.5 years.

My mother - the only family i know. She is not having a very easy life but i admire her attitude and optimism.

My friends - Thanks to some of them I am a music lover and vinyl fanatic. I might have been at a whole different place without some of them, others have been big part of my own journey in music, and all of them made me do the tough choices. the people and friends around me are the ones that brought me to be what I am today so they come first! i couldn't be where i am if I didn't have the support and love of these people.

4. What do you want to be change in, and 4see (foresee) to the Israeli electronic music industry?
I would love to see more chance given to new talents based on their talent. Locals artists should get a wider stage and the crowd must give them a chance. Also to see the new generation of clubbers and electronic music fans get bigger and more dominate in the scene. this new generation "wings of change" is more than important, this is our essence and asset!

These days dubstep get massive exposure, its kind of trendy and sticky, I believe in the long run it will create important community of electronic music fans who would leave fashion for real music experience.

5. Where were you at 5am last Friday?
Ahh, embarrassing... i was sleeping. This going to be a long week with 4 gigs, plus an invitation to unique party i'm very excited about IU Blog launch party at Deli on this Friday evening with Aybee, of two close friends, Roman Gilman and Guy "Freedom" Rotem who manage Israel Underground community, So i need to get my strengths back and be ready for the coming week.

My newest edition of the facing it series, starts with deep house picks, moves on to the disco flavored materials in house music and then to a pure disco-ish end. This Facing it 13th edition includes a bit more than only music. Also You can find me playing from time to time at Mooki's - Vital 4, Tel Aviv.

01. Chymera – Fathoms [Connaisseur]
02. CF & Daywalker – 115 BPM [Rush Hour]
03. Silver City – Ocean Blur [Under The Shade]
04. Tensnake – Bliss [Rush Hour]
05. Roisin Murphy – Simulation [Permanent Vacation]
06. Jacob Korn Feat. Sandrow M. – Friction [Uncanny Valley]
07. Scott Fraser - The John Hugues Excursion (Mark E Remix) [Astrolab]
08. Gazeebo – Gushing Climax (Q Burns Abstract Message Remix) [Community]
09. Erobique – Warmer [Mirau]
10. Nhar – Innerplace [Perspectiv]
11. Project E – Mozaic [Merc Music]
12. Jacob Korn Feat. San Soda – Punta Del Este [Uncanny Valley]
13. Weekend Express - Feel It All Around (Total M’s Classic Re-Wash) [Kolour]
14. Nordic Nights – Casio Social Club [Eskimo]
15. Killer Fun k Disco Allstarts - Mmmm....Tiger, Can You Switch Over To The Golf Channel Please?" (5 Under Par edit) [Killer Funk Disco]
16. Oliver Cheatham – Get Down Saturday Night [The Noodleman Edit] [Free On Noodleman's Soundcloud]
17. Eddie C – Soleil [Let's Get Lost]  

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