Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let the music an opportunity to bridge the gaps

ONE BEAT international project opens the registration for musicians from 40 countries around the world. Take part in a unique musical project.

Its the third year of One Beat, The event will take place in fall 2013 at the musical central Florida USA, for two weeks of rehearsals, performances, creating ensembles and improvisation. The project's goal is to bridge the political and social gaps between musicians from different countries, using musical connections.

Out of all the registrant, finally chose 25 representatives, who will take part in the project. Flight costs, travel expenses, accommodation and subsistence will be financed entirely by the organizers of the project.

OneBeat 2013 Intro from Found Sound Nation on Vimeo.

OneBeat is an international cultural exchange that celebrates the transformative power of the arts through the creation of original, inventive music, and people-to-people diplomacy. In the fall of 2013, approximately 25 musicians (ages 19-35) from around the world will come together in the U.S. for four weeks to collaboratively write, produce, and perform original music, and develop ways that music can make a positive impact on our local and global communities.

OneBeat is a musical journey like no other. It is a chance for adventurous musicians from an incredible diversity of traditions to seek common ground, creating new musical combinations, pushing the boundaries of music technology, and finding ways to involve all members of society in the process of musical creativity. OneBeat endeavors to be the nexus of a new way of thinking about how music can connect people from across the world and around the block.

The registrants need to know a basic English, present theirs knowledge of music, activity over several years, send videos and audio that featuring the musical ability

You can apply to One Beat until  31/1/2013. at this link

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