Friday, October 19, 2012

The Forecaster: Maydan

2B Continued locates the most interesting fundamental modern music, which has a saying and can be heard more than once. FORECASTER spotted the hottest name in the cloud.

Maydan's musical story began at very young age when music was played on cassettes and vinyl records. As a child, whenever he had the chance, he used to take his brother's old record player and listen to / play music.

When he was 13 he discovered the dance music. In addition, he was inspired by many local and worldwide artists and created an endless music collection for the varied electronic music genres; from a sexy gentle deep house to a stirring techno. Therefore, Maydan's music is characterized by a unique sound that arouses the audience's lust and desire, rather than just warming it up.

Starting from a very modest DJ with two record players and a 2-channal mixer, he succeeded to get to the top of the most popular clubs in Tel Aviv, such as Mental, The Breakfast Club, The Clinic, Comfort 13, Clara and becoming the resident of ShliShi SoFaSh - Tuesdays nights at The Cat & The Dog. Also, he was hosted at the Ink Club and the New-Bar club that are located in the heart of the South American dance scene – Buenos Ares, as well as in many events and private parties where he had played his special music style.

These days, Maydan is making his first steps as a producer and creator in order to keep his music style along with his willing to bring the audience a new perspective of familiar sounds. 

5 Questions with Maydan

1. Describe what you do in 1 word.

2. Tell us 2 things that we might not know about you?
I work in finance field. My second passion after music is cooking.

3. What are the 3 most important things in your life at the moment?
Developing my musical career. 
To promote my residency nights "Shlishi Sofash" (Tuesday Weekend) at the cat and the dog club, Tel-Aviv.  
My close friends and family.

4. What are 4 records that never leave your box?
1. Ida Engberg - Supercluster (Ida Engberg Mix)
2. Simon Stokes - Caged (Jean Ramesse Remix)
3. Lonya - De High (Audio Junkies Romantic Remix)
4. Seva K - My Love (Downtown Party Network Remix)

5. Where were you at 5am last Tuesday?
Djing at my residency evening "Shlishi Sofash" (Tuesday Weekend) at the cat and the dog club - Tel Aviv.
  Maydan's How Do You Do Set by Maydan

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