Friday, July 6, 2012

Two new programs first launch on our live stream

I am very excited to announce on a 2 new programs landing straight from Dresden on our 2B Continued Net-Radio station.

Sunday Eve Show - a monthly radio show also aired on, coloRadio and deepGroove radio presenting the best in EDM including artist showcases, interviews, news and competitions.

Colair.FM - monthly radio show also aired on the station mention above, presenting the best in EDM as an 60 minutes exclusive guest mix by international artists.

The person who manages the process and responsible for the publication of these two shows is Ric Colair - a DJ and a music activist grown up in Saxony (DE). For four years he broadcasts this great shows every month on coloRadio (Dresden 98,4 & 99,3 Mhz).  Ric presents new music, artists, labels, and projects.

While in Sunday Eve show you will hear great interviews accompany with future releases and flawless music by the cream of the artists in the global EDM industry, at the Colair. FM you get a one hour of only music set by guest dj s from all over the glob.

I insert under the latest SES program with names like Depaart, Deniz Kurtel, My Favorite Robot (MFR), Wolf + Lamb, Amirali and more.... be sure to follow after Colair blog & also catch it on our stream!

Sunday Eve Guests My Favorite Robot, Depaart by colair

I wish to say many thanks and express my honest support to Ric Colair on his hard work and musical devotion, that's he keeps the scene alive and serves us the best of it in his own special way!

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