Friday, July 20, 2012

New Music Strategies

New structures and strategies for driving revenue and opportunity are forming and new approaches to the business of music are working more successfully than past approaches.

The idea that an artist must be signed on the label becomes less critical, all the cloud trend in now-days time changed the game, the industry has been utterly ripped apart by the impact of technology, new brands and social media. Give the artist all the necessary tools and power.

The expression unsigned or signed no longer relevant, it is up to you, just stop describing yourselves as unsigned, But if the word signed really important to you i recommend you to check Any And All records, they will do nothing for you by prove the claim:

  • We won’t release your record. We recommend you use Bandcamp for that.
  • We won’t fund your recording sessions, your CD manufacture or your vinyl pressing. But you may want to have a crack at Pledge Music if you’d like your fans to help you out with that.
  • We won’t send out promos of your music to anyone. We suggest you use Soundcloud for that sort of thing.
  • We won’t promote or list your gigs anywhere. We do recommend that you put them on Songkick, however.
  • We won’t provide you with any tour support. You might want to check out Couchsurfing as a way to save money on that.
  • We won’t invest in artist development. However, you may want to see about what you can do towards getting an Un-Convention happening in your area. They often help.
  • We won’t do social media for you. We do recommend that you use Twitter (as long as you’re chatty and friendly and don’t use it in a spammy way) and we expect you’re probably already on Facebook.
  • We won’t run your website. We reckon you should start a blog, though, if you haven’t already. You could use Tumblr, WordPress or Posterous – or (even better) get your own website on your own domain name. If you don’t know how to do that, get a techie friend to help. It’s easy and cheap – and so good for you.
  • We won’t make you a video. But we suggest you put any that you have on YouTube or Vimeo. Besides, you could make a video using your phone if you wanted. Start with a good idea, and work from there.

The most important, Be creative & keep making music, good interesting and exciting, be honest to yourself and express what you feel!

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